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Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Critical Illness cover can be purchased as a standalone policy or in conjunction with a whole life or term assurance policy.

Critical Illness cover will pay you a lump sum should you be diagnosed with any one of a wide range of critical illnesses, the main three being Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack. If you were to suffer from one of these critical illnesses, the chances are, if you do not die, you will be unable to work and enjoy the same kind of income. Your existing commitments, however, will still have to be met. Any other life cover you have in place without this protection would only pay out if you were to die. Critical Illness insurance can give you all the time you need to recuperate, whilst maintaining your lifestyle.

Benefits of a Critical Illness Insurance Policy from Lifestyle

  • Choose a lump sum at the start of your plan
  • Choose a term to suit your individual circumstances
  • In case of a long term illness enables you to maintain your standard of living in the event that you are unable to work.
  • Payment remains the same for the plan duration
  • Payment can be made monthly or annually
  • Terminal illness cover is standard in most policies